Logo and Branding Services

What I bring to the table:
—Telling who you are through your logo and brand
—Perfect harmony between your logo and supplementing brand elements
—Precision and Detail
—Superior consistency and cohesion to establish a solid brand foundation
—Very Thorough with Assets / Deliverables
​​​​​​​—Collaboration and Support

Innovative and Unique Design Solutions for Your Business or Brand
Tell the world who you are with a powerful logo! 
Show your professionalism with a cohesive brand! 
My eye for detail,  passion for consistency, and powerful visual communication will ensure you have a strong professional presence—you have come to the right place! 

Logo Design
—Professional High Quality Vector Logos
—Type Based Logos (Logotypes / Monogram Logos)
—Visual Components (Abstract Forms /
Emblems / Mascots)
—Logo Orientation Versioning (Ensuring your
logo has adaptability)
—Logo Color Versioning (Full color, single color, black only)
—Multi-file delivery upon completion
I am very thorough with delivering files to my clients.
I include all logo versioning as well as several file types.
I also explain everything in detail so you actually
understand what you are provided.
Branding Development / Brand Guide
—Fonts, Colors, Logo Usage: A complete guide to how your company is visually presented to the world.
—Font Guide (Includes delivery of font files)
—Brand Colors (Includes color codes, hex codes)
—Brand Guide (Delivered as a PDF file)
—Supplemental Business Assets (Such as Business Cards, Brochures, Insert Cards, Flyers, Banners, and more)
"The future awaits those with the courage to create it."
—Erwin Mcmanus

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