To me, graphic design is the perfect blend of creativity and problem solving—two things I am good at, and more importantly, very passionate about!

In the summer of 2023, I took a big step to expand my business full time. 
I love what I do! 
My family knows it—and my clients know it too! ​​​​​​​
"I would want to know more about this person than that they are a designer—especially if I am going to trust them with something valuable, or important, or precious to me. 
Building their trust matters."
—My daughter, age 10​​​​​​​
I am passionate about what I do—and equally passionate about why I do it. 
Having flexibility gives me so many gifts as a mother, which I deeply cherish.
Supporting my family and our dreams is my drive and motivation daily.  

"One must dare to be happy."
 —Gertrude Stein

My family is my team—always invested in my clients' projects and excited for our successes. Working right out of my home, I love that my children see my hard work and dedication and are always encouraging me along the way.
​​​​​​​   I am a designer
   and innovator.

   I am a wife
   and mother. 

   I am authentically me.
Professional Philosophy:
Work with care and compassion!
My clients are my teammates. 
We are in this together to create the best results possible. 
Personal Philosophy:
Life is meant to be lived! 
Be inspired. Be brave. Be messy. 
Life is short. Cherish every moment you can. 
Focus on making memories and having fun!
Professional Attributes:
(as described by others)

Well known for my keen eye for detail and precision.
Well known for my typography and layout skills.
Well known for my ability to take a client's need/request and turn it into beautiful, compelling, usable design.

My daughter describes me professionally as:
Focused,  Caring,  Dedicated,  Open-minded, 
Fun,  Out-of-the-box thinker,  Creative,  Innovative.

Mentors describe me professionally as:
 Meticulous  and  detail-oriented.
Determined,  Loyal,  Collaborative.
Loves envisioning options—there’s more than one way to do anything.

Clients, Coworkers, Collaborators describe me professionally as:
Outstanding design skills.
Hard worker, eager learner, delight to work with.
Personable. Dependable. Commitment to Excellence.
Manages time and projects well. Meets deadlines.
Works well under pressure.

Personal attributes:
(as described by others)

Well known for my empathy, compassion,
encouragement, and advise.
Well known for my big (crazy) ideas, 
ambition, and hard work
Well known for my creativity and artistic skills—and also for my nice handwriting!

My daughter describes me personally as:
Kind,  Caring,  Fun,  Open-minded,  Fun  Fun  Fun,
Creative,  Innovative.

Mentors describe me personally as:
Determined,  Loyal,  Joyful,  Bubbles over with laughter.
Childlike curiosity—thinking and dreaming 
without limitation.

Family, Friends, Those Who Know Me
describe me personally as:
Literally the best!
Appreciated. Glad I am in their life. 
Dependable. Kind. Generous.
Amazing creative eye.
Smile and laughter that brightens rooms.
The best mom ever.
Determined. Driven. Moves mountains if I must.​​​​​​​

"You use a glass mirror to see your face. You use works of art to see your soul." 
—George Bernard Shaw

—14+ years of professional graphic design experience

—2019  FOLIO:  Rising Star honoree
Folio Magazine, which recognized Hailee Pavey as leader in magazine publishing.
Hailee Pavey—Art Director—Rising Star honoree
"THE RISING STARS"  are future leaders who will ensure this industry thrives for generations to come. Folio:  Rising Stars programs celebrate the very best in our business. Emerging as the future leaders of our industry, they provide hope and comfort that our businesses will live on much longer than our own
These honorees are tremendous testaments to the strength of our industry. They are comprised
of thought leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and most important: people who get shit done. 

—Published works in English, Spanish, and French languages

—Credited design contribution in more than 
17 professionally published books 

—Book interior design of Turn Me to Gold
2018 Nautilus Book Awards: Silver Winner
2019 Nautilus Feature Focus : For the Seeker of Understanding

—Credited design contribution in more than
135 published magazine single issues
Design contributions such as:
> Art Director, Lead Designer, Publishing Specialist
> Designer for production and layout of complete issue
> Cover Design
> Feature Article Design and Layout

—Art Director of Daily Word (Magazine)
2019 – 2023
80 page bi-monthly issue magazine publication.
Created and printed in three versions each time: English, English large type, and Spanish. Ultimately—I was juggling different stages of 9 individual issues at any given time.

—Art Director of Unity Magazine
Jan. 2018 – Jan. 2020
Began as Lead Designer/Layout Designer of Unity Magazine in Jan. 2013.
I saw the magazine through two redesign iterations.

—KCIABC Bronze Quill Scholarship Award Recipient


—Happily married to my incredible husband Michael for 14 years.
My best friend, high school sweetheart, soul mate.
My partner in all things and keeper of my sanity.
Bringer of iced coffee and cherry limeades.

—Mother of a kind and loving daughter 
My mini me. My spitfire. My encourager.
My ten year old girl is my great joy and answered prayer.
I dreamed of having a daughter someday—she makes my life fulfilled! She has so much creativity, kindness, compassion, and joy. 

—Mother of a funny and sweet son
My momma's boy. My funny guy. My brilliant boy.
My seven year old boy is my blessing and he makes me so proud! He completes our family and brings us great joy. He is thoughtful, funny, innovative, brilliant, and kind.

—Pet Loving Home
We have two dogs and three cats. We love our furry family members very much! They bring us joy, love, and support.

—Neurodiverse  |  ADHD and Autism
Proud of my neurodivergent brain,
and my neurodivergent family. 
My mind works differently—which gives me the gift of some wonderful talents—as well as a glorious perspective to see things in new ways. It's like my superpower, and one you get to benefit from because it's why I am so good at what I do.

—Art Always
I love being creative in my personal life as much as I love doing it professionally. Whether it's painting, drawing, coloring, crafting, sewing—I really enjoy creating, making, and doing artwork. Bonus if I get to do it with my kids!
Our home is filled with our artwork and creations, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

—Building projects and home renovation
One of my hobbies is doing hands on home projects with my husband! Whether it's building something, or tackling a remodeling project of some sort, making our home unique and our own means a lot to me.
Some noteworthy projects: building a treehouse fort in our daughters room, remodeling our master bathroom, renovating our son's bedroom, my beautiful office desk, and the many other furniture pieces we have built for our home. 

—My roots run deep
Proud of my roots and where I come from. Grateful to raise my family living in the Kansas City metro area.
And also ... GO CHIEFS!!!
Design is not a thing you do.
It’s a way of life.

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